• Hot Air Generators

    Biomass hot air generators for drying processes with a capacity of 350 kWth to 10,000 kWth and hot air temperatures from 60 ° C to 1.000 ° C

  • Power Plants

    Electricity and heat from waste wood and biomass with 200 kWel to 7,000 of kWel electrical power and heat output of 1,500 kWth to 28,000 kWth.

  • Energy Supply Plants

    Process energy systems for heat and steam supply by industrial and commercial facilities in the power range from 500 kWth to 15,000 kWth.

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has specialized in the planning and construction of power generation plants that use WASTE WOOD, WOOD CHIPS, BARK, BIOMASS and AGRICULTURAL WASTE to generate thermal and electrical energy. Smart solutions enable the realization of projects for communal-, commercial- and industrial customers. Over 25 years experience in design and plant construction with more than 70 completed projects across europe confirm the quality of our services.